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New England Paternity will customize the collection of biological specimens based on the relationship in question and the specific requirements of the immigration office. We can converiently set up an appointment in the privacy of your own home! We offer strict chain of custody procedures in coordinating and collecting biological buccal (mouth) samples in the United States and abroad. Reports will be sent directly to the test requester and official agencies as required. New England Paternity can help you anywhere in the country and most places world wide.

Privacy Policy
Your privacy is of paramount concern to us. After all, the genetic results we obtain from your samples are based on your DNA. Unless ordered by court, those results should be available to nobody else but you. In fact, if you call the lab to obtain your results, you may be frustrated by the difficulty that even you have in getting those results released. That difficulty is for your protection.

Your confidence is of the utmost importance. We provide services in a way that protects you, and we hope will make you comfortable with us and the relationship we have.