Frequently Asked Questions? - NE Paternity

Frequently Asked Questions?

If I pay in the US does my family member still have to pay in their country?

No, once you pay in the states your family will not have to pay the same fee again. They may be required to pay the collection person a small fee of 20-60 dollars US.

Who arranges the appointment for my family member abroad ?

We do.  Once we get the your paperwork and a few minor details we take care of everything else.

Should I do a DNA test before I apply for my small child ?

If you have any doubts of the paternity of your child YOU DESERVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW. The immigration process can be costly and ensuring your biological responsibilities is your right.

How will I know the results?

Once the test is complete, We will send you a copy of the results when you receive your results a fed Exed report has already been sent to Uscis, ACS or the Embassy.

What if my family member has not been called for their appointment in their country by the embassy?

If 6 weeks has passed contact us and we send the Embassy a reminder that your family member is still waiting.