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New England Paternity has extensive expertise in a wide range of profiling services. DNA profiling permits the direct examination of genetic material that a child inherits from its genetic material that a child inherits from its biological parents. Paternity can be established without the mother by increasing the battery of tests with a 99.9% certainty. To do a paternity test without the mother’s consent, your name must be on the birth certificate.

By comparing the DNA characteristics of the mother and child, it is possible to identify the characteristics that the child inherited from the mother. Any remaining characteristics must have come from the biological father.

Paternity fraud or false identification of a man as the father of a child is a serious problem in the United States and throughout the world. According to USA Today, a report from the American Association of Blood Banks says that approximately 30% of the 300,000 paternity tests performed annualy in the United States result in exclusion of the alleged individual as the biological father. It is estimated from a report by the Free Mens Association that over 7 million men in the United States are paying child support for children that are not biologically theirs.

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